Deriving from work with the scientific team of the C2RMF over the past year, "Kairos" is a landscape of possibilities in deep migration.

The video and photographs were filmed through the C2RMF's Hirox microscope from elements related to an enigmatic Mesopotamian figure.

They are an avalanche of the possible, microcosm and immense in space, from the center of what we don't know to the implications of imagination.

Slowly unraveling beyond descriptive, they reach to an almost undulating, disequilibrating atomic level, in deep color.


This Mesopotamian figure, Ishtar, is a major goddess, rubies from Burma in her eyes and navel, with her palm outstretched in the classic gesture of offering, an invitation into the work. 

The sound is from NASA'S immense Deep Space Antennae, pointed far into the universe, the sounds of light waves, starlight ...

The unraveling images are an excavation through borders, an essential comment on location of perspective. The microscope has functioned as an invisible facilitator.


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